IEEE Presentation in association with WTFast

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This winter I was fortunate to work with WTFast for the 2014 Okanagan College BCIS capstone project. Myself and several students presented on December 5th, 2014.<br /> <blockquote><br /> <p><br /> <b>Talk Abstract:</b> <br /> Online video ga mes are interactive competitions among individual players competing in a virtual environment. A Gamers Private Network, or GPN(TM), connects players to a common game service across the Internet. In this talk we will describe an experimental, local, and virtualized investigation of the parameters for minimal and stable connection latency in GPNs. Our conclusions isolate the effect of player type and number, activity vs idleness, and router and server virtualization. They provide a clear basis for future modelling and predictive use of latency information in GPNs. Nine Computer Science students in COSC 470 Software Engineering Project course started a related capstone project. They were able to develop a new simulation bot for the Minecraft online game and a new SW engineering prototype.<br /> This work has been funded by NSERC’s College and Community Innovation Program – Applied Research and Development Grant Level-1 (July – December 2014).</p><footer><cite title="IEEE Okanagan"> IEEE Okanagan, <a href="">Okanagan IEEE website</a><br /> </cite><br /> </footer><br /> </blockquote>

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