Semester ramping up

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Last semester!<br /> My semester is finally ramping up after Canadian weather rampaged through the Okanagan and caused delays (<a href="" title="Okangan College Weather Advisory">Okangan College Weather Advisory</a>). My classes for this semester include Oracle Database Optimization, Android Application Development, Software Engineering with a <a href="" title="WTFast homepage">WTFast</a> project, Server-side development with and C#, and finally Wireless networks and virtualization. So a full course load with the addition that my capstone project in Software Engineering will take double the hours of the other 4 combined and my new found part time employment with Unity Data I'm looking at a very busy semester!<br /> Personal Projects<br /> Within the next month or so I hope to post my Laravel tutorial I have been working on unfortunately it has blossomed into a rather large project by itself and I may end up releasing it piece by piece to lighten the load.<br /> <br /> Development on this blog continues albeit at a massively reduced pace that I expect will be reduced even further as other things demand my time. right now I'm working on:<br /> <ul><li>Categories for posts</li><li>Resume page</li><li>Mobile optimization</li><li>Adding portfolio items into my CMS and adding more functionality to the profile page</li> <li>HTML support for post content</li></ul><br />

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