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Formal Education

Bachelor of Computer Information Systems

The Bachelor of Computer Information Systems (BCIS) is an eight-semester, 40-course, degree program, designed to provide you with in-depth information necessary to use computing within an organization or business

Okanagan College BCIS degree

Related Coursework

Java Development, Systems Analysis, UNIX/Linux, Technical communications, Discrete mathematics, Project Management, Agile development, Operating Systems, Machine Architecture, Various programming languages, Middleware Development, Software Engineering, iOS App development, working in large and small teams


  • Topics in Computer Science: iOS Application Development (COSC419)
  • Technical Communications for Information Technologies (CMNS113)
  • Technical Aspects of Operating Systems (COSC109)
  • Computer Programming 1 (COSC111)
  • Mathematics for Information Technologies (MATH139)
  • Network and Telecommunications 1 (NTEN117)
  • Analysis and Report for Information Technolgoies (CMNS123)
  • Computer Programming 2 (COSC121)
  • Systems Analysis and Design (COSC126)
  • Introduction to Discrete Structures (COSC221)
  • Basic Digital Circuits and Microprocessors (NTEN126)
  • Visual Basic Programming (COSC131)
  • Machine Architecture (COSC211)
  • Computer Data Structures (COSC222)
  • Object Oriented Systems Analysis and Design (COSC236)
  • Introduction to Database Management Systems (COSC304)
  • Client-side Web Systems (COSC219)
  • Projects in Computer Science (COSC231)
  • Project Management (COSC305)
  • Introduction to Operating Systems (COSC315)
  • Marketing (BUAD116)
  • Management Principles (BUAD123)
  • Middleware Development (COSC331)
  • Database Management Systems 2 (COSC404)
  • Information Systems Security (COSC232)
  • Topics in Computer Science: Cloud Computing (COSC419)
  • Database Administration (COSC434)
  • Ethics of Computer Usage (PHIL331)
  • Introduction to Pyschology: Personal Functions (PSYC121)
  • Principles of Computer Science (COSC231)

Skill Areas


Although much of my course work has covered languages such as C, C++, F# and other my primary focus has been web-development and much of my experience comes form working in the web development industry. The C family languages are the basis for much of my formal education while PHP and Javascript have made up my professional career.

  • Web Development

    • Experienced with Photoshop/Dreamweaver/Creative Suite
    • Experience with CSS/HTML, JavaScript(JQuery), PHP, Twitter Bootstrap
    • Setting up webservers using Ubuntu/CentOS, Apache/Nginx, MySQL, PH
    • Frameworks CakePHP, Laravel

  • Programming

    Courses using different technologies

    • Object Oriented Programming
    • Java, JavaScript, F#, C, C++, PHP, Visual Basic, Sparc Assembly, Objective-C, Android App development
    • Varying proficiencies with multiple IDE’s (Intellij, Netbeans, Eclipse, RSA, Visual studio 2009-2012)

  • Networking

    • Working at a Small-to-Medium Business (CCNA Discovery) Training program
    • Networking for Home and Small Businesses (CCNA Discovery) Training program
    • Setting up home server and networks

  • Computer Systems

    • Experienced with the Windows OS from 98-8.1
    • Functional UNIX/Linux knowledge (Ubuntu, CentOS, etc.)
    • Strong problem solving skills in computer applications

  • Communications/Marketing

    • IT/Technology communications
    • Research and report skills
    • Word-processing and oral communication in business and IT oriented workplaces
    • Excellent knowledge of social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc.
    • Marketing and Management coursework


This site. Created as a way to familiarize myself with Laravel and as a starting point for potential employers.


A multiplayer arcade style shooter built in Java 1.8 created for my COSC318 Network programming course.

Previous Work

New District


Shawn O'Neil

Full stack developer, MongoDB, AngularJS, NodeJS, Express, Jade, LokiJS, SASS, Karma, Protractor, GulpJS, Solidus, Mongoose, ecommerce, design

September 20165 – Present



Rob Bartlett

Web developer, MySQL, AngularJS, Laravel, Cloudstack, Puppet, Game Servers Deployment Automation

June 2015 – August 2015 (3 months)

Csek Creative

Web Developer

Ryan Lahay

Web developer, CakePHP, MySQL, Wordpress. Worked as part of a small development team alongside designers, marketing and other developers

April 2014 – August 2014 (5 months)



Diana Veitch

PHP programmer, webdeveloper, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery. Worked under a senior programmer in a four person IT department

April 2013 – August 2013 (5 months)